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Procedures for administering Preservation Pro fee waivers


 Procedures for administering Preservation Pro fee waivers

 The following criteria and procedures have been approved by DCC for administering Preservation Pro fee waivers.  The Director of the Division of State History shall review and determine all fee waiver applications according to these criteria and procedures.  Appeals of decisions made by the Division Director shall be adjudicated according to current DCC policy.

 Conditional Fee Waiver for State or Federal agencies

 Fees for access to the Preservation Pro web application are waived for agencies with active data sharing agreements that specify waiver of fees to the Preservation Pro web application.  To qualify for a waiver of fees under this section, an individual must be directly employed by the agency.  Consultants working on behalf of agencies must pay regular use fees. 

 Fee Waiver for Certified Local Government (CLG) Grant Consultants

 Fees for access to the Preservation Pro web application are waived for consultants engaged in conducting surveys paid for with Certified Local Government funds.   These grants are given to cities and counties and are matched with local government funds.  CLG grants are used to undertake Reconnaissance Level Surveys (RLS), Intensive Level Surveys (ILS), and National Register nominations.  A condition of these grants is that the consultants enter the data into the Preservation Pro web application.  These surveys often include several hundred structures. This is the primary way new and updated historic structure data is added to the statewide database.  In turn, this increases the value of Preservation Pro to consultants who pay for its use.  Consultants who also use Preservation Pro for non-CLG surveys must pay regular use fees.

 Fee Waiver for Unfunded Research

 An individual may apply for a waiver of Preservation Pro fees if the individual is engaged in research that is not funded, in whole or in part, by any business, organization, or institution.  A waiver of fees constitutes fiscal support of the proposed research by the State, and a request for a waiver must demonstrate that the research is valuable to the State, is unfunded, is unrelated to cultural resources compliance projects, and that proper reporting of the research will be completed. Waivers for unfunded researchers will be approved for a limited period of time and are on a project by project basis.  Non-profit does not necessarily equal “unfunded.”  If you receive some funding, but would like to be considered for a fee waiver under this category, please use the application to make your case. Further information may be requested.

 If a researcher is seeking access to archaeological information through Preservation Pro and does not have an archaeological permit issued by the Governor’s Public Lands Policy Coordination Office (PLPCO), he/she must provide a letter from an academic or professional advisor overseeing the applicant’s research.  The advisor must either have a current PLPCO permit or be eligible for one. 

 To apply for an unfunded researcher waiver, please complete the application and return to the Division of State History for consideration.  The applicant will be notified within 10 business days.